wave garden concept1 The Wavegarden Concept | New Surf Park Design










  1. Beach and swimming area
  2. Beginners Area
  3. Experts area
  4. Skatepark and playground
  5. Buildings
  6. Lakeside path

The Wavegarden Concept is Wavegarden’s new surf park design which fully utilizes their energy efficient wave technology. As you can see it is a very simple and elegant design which keeps the surfer at its focus. In addition, this surf park design does provide entertainment for surfers of all ages. If you take a look at the attractions listed above it is clear that this surf park design is set up to satisfy the individual surfer as well as large group entertainment  and programs.

One wavegarden’s selling point to investors is that their surf park design is the foundation on which an investor can build a better community. Not only is this facility set up to satisfy the individual surfer it is also equipped to hold after school programs and group events. Wavegarden has produced many visual examples of The Wavegarden Concept in Action and they are excited to release videos of shoulder high waves this summer.

To learn more about Wavegaren and the waves they produce visit our Wavegarden Wave Technology page.